Q1.) Can I pick up Mobile coolroom ?

Answer: Yes up to 8′ x 6′ size only .

Q2.) What are the coolroom sizes ?

Answer: We have Eight diffrent sizes starting from 4’x4′ to 12’x8′ feet.

Q3.) Does the coolroom comes with shelves ?

Answer: Yes , and can be removed if required .

Q4.) What is week hire ?

Answer: Hiring for 7 days. For example: Friday to Thursday .

Q5.) Does A C Coolroom hire insure my products ?

Answer: No , You must arrange your own insurance .

Q6.) What type of power does coolroom require ?

Answer: A standard 10 amp .

Q7.) Payment methods .

Answer: Direct Credit , Cash Surcharge Apply .

Q8.) Do we need to set temperature ?

Answer: No,we deliver the Machine with a temperature preset from 0 to 5 degree celcius for Cool Room & from -15 to -18 degree celcius for Freezer.

Q9.) What happens if the coolroom is not working ?

Answer: Give us a call on 1300793 777 and you can speak to real person 24/7 solve the problem .